Team Composites


Tanda Daftar Perusahaan (TDP) No.          :

No Agenda                                                      : 1457/BH 09-04/Tgl. 03-12-2007

Masa berlaku TDP                                         : 03 Desember 2022

Instansi Pemberi Izin Usaha                         : Departemen Perindustrian dan Perdagangan                                                                              Pemerintahan Kotamadya Jakarta Timur

Pengesahan Menteri Kehakiman No.         : AHU-0004252.AH.01.09_Tgl. 25-01-2013

Surat Izin Usaha Perdagangan (SIUP) No. : 177/24.1PM.7/31.75/-1.824.27/e/2018

Kegiatan Usaha                                              : Perdagangan barang dan Jasa

Kelembagaan                                                 : Sub Distributor, Eksportir – Importir

Bidang Usaha (Sesuai KBLI 2000)               : 4659, 4669, 8121

Jenis barang /jasa dagangan utama           : Alat mekanikal/electrical, Mesin & cadangnya,

                                                                            barang-barang plastic, jasa

Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak (NPWP)             : 02.313.026.3-004.000

Nomor Surat Pengukuhan PKP                   : PEM-05/WPJ.20/KP.0403/2008


Akta Pendirian (PT/CV/Firma/Koperasi/Perorangan)

Nomor Akta               : 6.-

Tanggal                       : 19 Desember 2007

Nama Notaris            : ROBERT PURBA, S.H

Alamat Notaris          : Panin Life Center Lt. 2 Ruang 201

                                       Jl. Letjend.S.Parman Kav. 91 Slipi

SKUP Migas                 : 2031/19.08/DMB/2018

SKT Kemnakertrans  : KEP.383/BINWASK3-PNK3/IV/2018

SKT EBTKE                    : 191/1/SKT/PMDN/2015

SBU No.                        : 0-3172-08-002-1-09-910909

SIUJK                             : 7448/5.12.0/


SKA LPJK-ATM             : 1.3.301.

SKA LPJK-ATTL            : 1.4.401.


The acceleration of the pace economy and competition in today's global competition era spurred the perpetrators attempt to adapt and improve the systems and strategies in improving the durability and the competitiveness of its business. The situation in Indonesia's economy is forcing entrepreneurs to adapt in answering any challenges that arise today.

Strategies in maintaining the competitiveness of undertakings is a major key in surviving and increasing the competitiveness of businesses. Many companies are already falling and stop doing activities since eroded by the economic situation in Indonesia. Minimum wage increases, the coefficient of living, rising energy costs and a rise in other operating costs as well as weakening demand for the supply of which imposes price fluctuations of raw materials, resulting in a weakening of the competitiveness of an enterprise and endurance especially the Small and Medium Industry (SMI). This did not escape the competition between ASEAN countries requiring SMI should settled themselves in the face of new competition conditions, although the competition at the same time is a business opportunity.

SMI could not survive if they don't do any improvement or innovation strategy business model. The SMI which has limited resources and manpower should implement the strategy of innovation to keep the sources that is more diverse than the desires of the market and fundamental insights about the external factors compared to prepare all of the resources and capabilities of its own (Van de Vrande et al., 2009; Yun and Mohan, 2012).

PT. COMPOSITES INDONESIA COMPANY, ready to compete and improves in Indonesian Industrial movement in global economic competition.